Legal office Penev

About us

Legal office Penev provides legal services to both international and Bulgarian clients, with an emphasis to corporate ones. We are aiming at establishing long term relationships with special care to each client, but we are also skilful in the performing of ad hoc tasks. Our services include qualified legal assistance in fundamental legal spheres such as Commercial and Corporate Law, real estate transactions and various administrative and civil cases. We are glad to offer you also legal attendance in more specific areas such as renewable energy issues and public procurement, as well protection of your rights under the conditions of exceptional circumstances such as the current Covid-19 pandemic.

In order to make our servicing a really complex one we keep close relations with accountancy and tax experts, as well as with respectable notaries and bailiffs. At the same time as an essential part of our commitment to satisfy fully the needs of the clients we maintain professional relationships with international law firms. We believe in cooperation on all levels and positive attitude, dedicating our efforts to meeting the requirements of the dynamic business and legal environment.

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„За обществения интерес“ – статия във в. „Труд“

Всяко криене на информация, всякакви лобистки клаузи в полза на мултимилиардни корпорации, всяка форма на държавно насилие срещу индивида и общността са всичко друго, само не и действия в защита на обществения интерес.